Saturday, December 5, 2009

BYU-Utah Game

This Past weekend was the annual Rivalry game at Lavell Edwards stadium. What a great game it was!! It was a overtime win for the Cougars and a great game. It was Rilee's first BYU-Utah game and she was excited all week long! We had to pick her up from the Culleys where she had a fun sleepover the night before. It was funny to see the Culley kids all dresses up in their Utah gear (except Grace of course cause she is TRUE BLUE!!) and Rilee and Grace were sitting there in Cougar Blue!! We went to the stadium and Rilee was counting BYU and Utah flags all the way there and keeping a tally. (BYU won that too!!) At the game she was bugged by the Utah fan behind us and kept asking me to tell her to be quiet. She was really enjoying the atmosphere of the rivalry. After the overtime win she looked up at me and said "Dad lets rush down onto the field!" Even though we have upper bowl seats we made our way to the field and over the fence we went. She was jumping up and down and smiling from ear to ear. Then she got to touch Manase Tonga and a few other players and watched Max Hall get carried off the field. She still smiles about the experience when we talk about it today. Thanks Rilee for being my little BYU buddy and going to the games with me. I love You.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade 2009

Today was the Halloween parade at the kids school. I always enjoy going over to see the kids parade around in their costumes and see the other creative costumes that are always there. This year Rilee is the Headless Horseman. Ashlee is a Hipee. and Kyller is a Cowboy. Tonight is the anual Pickle Halloween party and the kids are pumped to go as always. I also enjoy this particular party because everyone dresses up and it is fun to see all the families in their costumes! Happy Halloween all!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bronco Show

Yesterday me and Rilee went down to Ken Garff of Orem to watch the Bronco Mendenhall Radio Show. It was at our friend Brian's car dealership so we thought it would be fun to go see it and maybe get a autograph or two. Rilee and I entered some drawings and filled out a Ask the Coach question form. As the show started we listened in and on the first commercial break Rilee went up to Coach Mendenhall and got him to sign her jersey and my football!! She was way nervous at first but Bronco was very nice to her and she was beaming from ear to ear when she came back and sat down. That was worth the drive right there but then it got even better!! About half way through the show the producer came over and asked Rilee if she would come up and ask Bronco her question live on the radio! She was happy to do it and was once again grinning from ear to ear! What else can I say but...

-Finding a babysitter for the other kids...difficult

-Driving to Provo in rush hour traffic...Painful

-Listening to kids fight the whole way...terrible

-Seeing your little girl that happy...PRICELESS!!!

What a great night that we will both remember for a long time! GO COUGARS!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Back!

Since may last post was months ago I figured I was due. We have been busy as usual. Lots of fun outings during the summer and now with football season in full swing we have been keeping busy with the cougars and I have been enjoying any and all games I can see! I have enjoyed going to the Y games this year with alot of different people and look forward to the rest of the season! Yesterday We had a Anderson Halloween party at our house because Dan and Chelsea are moving to Little Rock, only for a year we hope, so we won't see them on Halloween and so we had a excuse to have a early party. The kids loved decorating cookies and carmel apples and dressing up in their costumes!

We are still trying to sell the house but not having much luck. I am loving the fall weather so far but dreading the winter months to follow!! Lets hope this post will motivate me to do some more sooner than 3 months later!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer time!!

Summer is finally here! I have not been in the Blogging mood lately and since that is the case I have not been updating as often as I should. Here are some of the things we have been up to. I got to go with Rilee on her class field trip to This is the place monument. We had allot of fun seeing how life was for the pioneers and enjoying a nice day outside. Both of the Girls are through with school for the year and Rilee will be 5th grader next year and Ashlee will be a 3rd grader!! Where does the time go?!?!? Kyller will be starting kindergarten next year and he is excited to go to the same school as the girls. We have been spending allot of time working in the yard and running between football and soccer games and practices. We get to host a wedding in our yard again this summer and are doing allot of cleaning up in the house for a possible move this summer. And the biggest news has been Rilee having the h1n1 flu ( the Swine flu) and being quarantined for the past week. She is fine and definitely ready to get out of the house after being cooped up for a week! I guess that is all for now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Updates on the Pickles

We have been way busy and since my time has been limited I have failed to post about several important events that happened lately. The first was Ashlee's baptism. She was baptised before we went to Disneyland and I still haven't put up anything about it! I am so proud of her and her decision to get baptised. She looked so beautiful in her white dress and was happy that everyone came to see her on her special day. After a trial run by me she was able to be baptised and confirmed and is way happy to be a member of the church. She told me on several occasions that she was happy to have been baptised and felt like a new person. She is a sweetheart and I love her a ton!

I also failed to post about Kyllers Birthday. He turned five on April 24 and had fun at his party and of course was spoiled rotten by everyone. some of his highlights were a Darth Vader cake, a new Nintendo ds, a skateboard and allot of star wars stuff. He loved having his family over and playing with the cousins. Five things I love about Kyller are:

1- He is always happy to see me when I get home from work.
2- He loves to play Light sabers and Indiana Jones.
3- He has stopped skipping around.
4-He loves his sisters and his family.
5- He is finally adopted and legally ours forever!!!
Happy Birthday Kyller we love ya.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disneyland 2009

We made it back from Disneyland. We had a good time and had fantastic weather and plenty of Disney fun. All the kids enjoyed the Rides, the Shows, the treats, the hotel, and the sights. There was some whining and some complaining (Yes some by me too) but all in all a good trip. I must say that I am Disneyed out and as Dan put it I have lost some faith in humanity after seeing all the weird people there! It was fun for Kyller to see all the stuff and he surprisingly liked the rides! Rilee got to fight Darth Maul in Jedi training and Ashlee just loved the Matterhorn! We did a ton of walking and I had the worst $10 cheeseburger in the world! That is one of my big gripes about the place is the cost of, and lack of quality in the food! We did the planning program that Steph suggested and that helped allot with the lines for the rides and had some good tips. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Happiest place on Earth!

Tomorrow we are headed off to Disneyland! I always have mixed feelings about going to the land of Disney. I always like going places with the family and they love going to Disneyland and I generally have a fun time there to, but I have a few issues that make it hard for me to enjoy it fully. I really do not like going to California, I enjoy the weather and the beautiful scenery and plant life but I hate all the masses of people, the traffic, the smog etc. I have been trying to enjoy it more each time I go but it is difficult for me to get over it. This trip will be Kyllers first time to Disneyland and I must say that I am a little worried about how well he will do with the amount of stimulus that Disneyland will provide and and afraid of the certain "fits" that will occur. I hope that he can enjoy it and not get to worked up so we can enjoy the trip. All of my girls (Becky included) love it and I know they will have a god time. I am excited to ride the rides with the kids and see all the fun sights. Beck, I just hope you will go easy on me and remember that I have a hard time there and I will try to be on my best behavior. I will apologize in advance for any shortcomings I will have at the happiest place on earth, after all I am the grumpiest man on earth so it is a strange place to me! Here's to a fun filled 4 days!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just once!!!

Just once in my life I would like to go on a call at work where someone did something smart!! All day I respond to people doing dumb things. I just got back from a call with a 20 something guy riding a skateboard, being towed by a four wheeler, not wearing a helmet crashing onto the asphalt. You could say that each of those things alone are stupid but put those into combination and what do you get? A helicopter ride to the trauma center and a direct admit to the operating room with a head injury!! I See it all the time, and it never ceases to amaze me of the crazy things people do. We went out today with free movie passes to give to kids who were riding their bikes with a helmet we had 30 and guess how many we could give out after visiting 2 elementary schools......7!! Yep that's right, only 7!! Parents please make your kids wear a helmet it is the "smart" thing to do and it really does help, trust me I have seen them work. The other genius today was a 16 year old who crashed his bike and got cut up pretty good. He wasn't wearing a helmet of course and was complaining of hurt ribs and some good road rash. We checked him out told him he was OK and to be more careful and sent him home. He couldn't ride his bike home cause his hands were too sore and cut up so he kind of rode/pushed it home. No sooner did we get in the truck and start to leave he comes ripping by on his skateboard headed to the skate park right there in the park!! (NO HELMET OR PADS OF COURSE!!) I don't know about you but I would have called it a day after the first crash resulting in a 911 call. I Just needed to vent at how truly stupid some people can be, and this was all in a matter or 3 hrs in lonely old Riverton.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who reads this crap anyways?

I was wondering why I do this blog. If anyone reads this please let me know by either a post or clicking on the I Follow this blog. If I don't get any comments I will quit wasting my time!

-Sorry this seemed a little grumpy I must have been honery. Thanks for the comments I will keep it going I was just curious if it is getting read!

Meet Fluffy

In case some of you did not know we got rid of Sparkle (Oh yeaahh!!!). Ashlee said that she would get rid of her if she could get a new dog, and since we knew that any dog is better than Sparkle we agreed with her and found a new home for sparkle. We then went to the humane society and found her a new dog who she named Fluffy. That name in and of itself is funny because she is not fluffy at all she is mixed with a wire haired terrier so she is actually quite straggly. She is 4 years old, potty trained and quite well behaved. Ashlee loves her to death and that is what is important to me. She is so funny looking that she is actually cute. I hope that she will make Ash happy and she seems to fit in allot better than Sparkle!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrapbooking anyone?

This past weekend we sold some stuff at the scrapbook expo. I have never experienced such a crazy and strange event in my life. There were all types of crazy and sane women there trying to get a good deal on scrapbook supplies. I have never seen such madness for rub ons and paper! Some of these women are down right nuts! When the sales were announced the madness ensued! It was a ton of work and Beck, Mike and Steph worked their guts out and I must say thanks because I am beat after the 2 days I put in, and I am sure they are worse off than I. Hopefully it was all worth it and we will be tired from carrying all that extra cash around!

Is it Spring yet?

I don't know about anyone else but I am ready for spring! I can't stand the teasing of 70 degrees one day and snow the next! If it snows once more I might flip out. Here's to a long and warm summer!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor Harley

In case some of you do not know we found out that Harley had a cancerous bump on his back. We had it removed last Saturday and hopefully they got it all. We will know more this Saturday.He has a good cut on his back. It is about 3 inches long and he was sore for a day or so. We hope all goes well for him and they got it all so he will be around for many more years to come.

He is supposed to wear this dumb collar to keep him from biting at them but he won't wear it. That's ok though cause he hasn't bothered them, so I put it to use to keep myself from biting.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tagged by Tara

My 8 Favorite TV Shows
1-The Office
3-ESPN College game day (football)
4-Any football game
5-Rob and Big
7-The Dog Whisperer
8-King of Queens

8 things I did Yesterday
1- Went to church
2-Fed Harley and Buckley
3- Watched Nascar
4- Ate dinner at the Andersons
5- Held Logan
6-Watched the Jazz
7-Taught the lesson at church
8- Got I love you dad notes from all the kids!

8 things I look forward to
1- Seeing my family
2- going on vacations
3-going golfing
4-Football season
5- Summer
6-Going out with Beck
8-being thin again

8 Favorite Restaurants
1- Chick-fil-A (duh)
2-Red Lobster
3-Cafe Rio
4- Tepinaki
6- Texas Roadhouse
7- Francesco's pizza
8-Rodizio Grill

8 things on my wish list
1- Better season tickets to BYU
3- Beck to see Oprah
5-loose 60 lbs
6-See U2 and Guns and Roses in concert this summer
7-a better golf game
8-a Happy and Healthy family!!

8 people I tag
I really don't think 8 people read this so if you want to you are tagged!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Its a Boy!!

On Tuesday I became a Dad again. This time was slightly different than the other 2. No late night trip to the hospital, no contractions for Beck, no hospitals, no first feeding or bath, no birth, no baby. But there was a little boy, a new name and a loving and supportive family there to support us, there also was lots of stress, lots of smiles and some tears. But most of all we are happy that Kyller Scott is now a Pickle. We are also glad the process is over and we can move on to the next chapter of our lives! Kyller is very excited about being adopted. Today I asked him if he was happy about it all and he said, "yeah dad I am happy and I feel like a new kid cause I am adopted." I am glad that he is happy about it and I hope that we can be good parents for him and help him with anything he needs. I feel like we are pretty lucky to have him in our family and we love him allot!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seminar 09

We just got back from our annual Chick-fil-A operators seminar in Long Beach California. We had a great time even though the weather didn't cooperate! We had a few days of motivational speakers and activities and visiting with friends. This year was busy but fun. Becky got recognized in a regional meeting for her generosity in the community and her personal life and that was way cool for her. We also got to have dinner with her family that lives in the LA area. On our last day there we got to go out on the ocean and look for whales. We got to see one for a brief second but we saw hundreds of dolphins and some sea lions. It was a great day on the ocean. We also got to go to the Long Beach aquarium and that was cool seeing all the fish and sea life. We also found out that next year we get to go to Washington DC and I am way excited about that!!!

Thanks to the grandparents for watching the kids and Harley! It is always nice to know they are safe and well taken care of while we are gone.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Ashlee!!

Saturday was Ashlee's 8th Birthday! We a great day of being with Ash and the family. We went to Kangaroo Zoo with the Pickles and afterwards we went to Pier 49 pizza for dinner and cupcakes. There was sweaty heads and smiles all around.We all had fun with the cousins celebrating Rilee, Ashlee and Liv's birthdays.

Here are 8 things I love about Ashlee my 8 year old:
1- She gives the best Squeezers (hugs) in the world!
2-She has a adorable smile!
3-She has her mom's beautiful green eyes!
4-She loves to go swimming and if we looked hard enough may have gills.
5-She loves to write me a I love dad note daily! I love them all.
6- She loves her dog and will take care of it most of the time cause we all know I don't love that thing!
7- She loves to dress up and dance around and pose for pictures!
8- She is my favorite 8 year old in the whole world!!!!