Monday, January 28, 2008

Party time excellent...

Well another party in the books. Rilee's b-day party with the Anderson's went well yesterday. She had fun seeing her relatives and eating some good grub. We had a football cake( thats my girl!) and she played High school musical twister dance moves with Grandma Leslie. She got spiled with presents like always and we had a full house. We ar egoing ice skating on wednesday for the pickle party for a triple combination in celebration Rilee Olivia and Ashlee's birthday's all at once. Thats some bang for the buck. I hope we can have a repeat of the Granparents ice dancing for a good laugh.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pictures of family and stuff.

Well I put up a few pictures just to try it out. They are just random pictures of the fam. I hope to get better at it as time goes on. Yesterday was Rilee's birthday She had a fun day and today we are having a party for her with Becky's family and I hope to post some pictures on there after the party. She turned nine and I can't believe that she is that old already! She is a great student at school and a good big sister to her siblings. It seems like just yesterday that she arrived her with our family and I am truely blessed to have her as my daughter. The rest of the family is doing good and Ashlee's B-day is coming up soon. We are going to be in Disneyland on her birthday and we are looking forward to the needed vacation. Beck's store is coming along and they are glad to have the roof on so they can get out of the weather and get some progress done on it. She is excited about the new oppertunity and challenge that the store will bring. I am also busy at work. I am trying to study for a promotional exam that is coming soon and I hope to do better this time. We still have Isaiah at this time but no new info about his situation yet so we are just waiting out the court system until march or so. Well thats it for now I'll try this again later.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'll try this out

Well upon looking at my sisters blogs I thought maybe I'll try this to. we'll see how well i can keep up on this.