Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update per Cassie's post

Since I received a chastising from Cassie on my comments I will address most of her questions. The reason I have not been blogging is because our computer is broken. I took it to best buy and payed $200 to get it fixed (remove viruses, Trojans, spy ware etc.) and now the dumb thing is so slow that I can't stand to sit here long enough to blog. But since I love Cassie so much and want to make her happy here goes!

I am excited that U2 has released a new single and am looking forward to the new album and tour. (Please come to Utah again!!) I like the song it has a slightly different sound but I like the fact that it rocks and I always want to turn it up when it comes on the radio.

I also was sick this month for about 2 weeks. I had pneumonia and was hospitalized for 2 days at Jordan Valley Hospital. I have never felt that sick in my life and still am not 100%, although each day I feel better. Jordan Valley was under construction and I have decided that if I ever get sick again I do not want to go to a facility under construction. My room was in shambles and the thermostat was non functioning so I sweated for 2 days straight. Christmas and my Birthday were both great however I do not have any pictures at this time due to my lack of patience for my computer, please see first of post for further info. Last of all I will comment on how much I love Cass. Here are some things I love about her...
She is one goofy gal. I always get a kick out of her and her sarcastic sense of humor. She is always a riot to be around and likes allot of the same stuff that I do.
She is a kick a@$ wake boarder and when I had my boat she was always willing to go out with her brother. She loves to go boating with her family and friends. She also loves her family and enjoys spending time with them. That is one of my favorite things about her.
She also is a Fun aunt to my kids and all her nieces and nephews. Whenever Cassie comes over all the kids run to her and give her a hug because they all love her so much.
She has a weird obsession of dressing up like a pregnant lady for Halloween once as Juno and another as a pregnant polygamist. both were equally awesome and she pulls them off well.
Cassie also loves all things pop culture and so do I. She knows almost everything about music, movies,tv, etc. and I think we should go to the world series of pop culture we would dominate! She also goes up to Sundance every year and even though she has never invited me I still think that is cool. She always lets me punch her in the arm, like any big brother would. And she hits me right back- awesome. She constantly puts up with her mother hounding her about finding a husband and still goes to see her all the time. By the way any suitors better pass my test or I will find you and beat you silly!!! She is a awesome sister and a great friend and I love her a ton. So sorry cass that I let you down with my blog maybe this will help you forgive me. Love ya -Scott

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Rilee!!

Today is Rilee's 10th birthday! Yep that is right 10! I can hardly believe my little girl is into double digits. I can remember the day she was born like yesterday and it is not fair that she is growing this fast! ON her magical 10th birthday here are 10 things I love about Rilee:

1-She is my football buddy. No one gets more excited about going to games than Rilee!

2- She has beautiful brown eyes!

3- She is very smart. She loves to learn about anything and often watches the discovery channel or animal planet just to learn something new.

4- She is a good friend to her friends. She always gets said hi to when we go places around town.

5-She loves her family and still likes to be around us. (most of the time)

6- She has a kind heart and is always looking to help others.

7- She loves to read.

8-She will always give her dad a hug.

9- She loves to play games, both board and video.

10- She is my little girl and i love her to death!!!