Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who reads this crap anyways?

I was wondering why I do this blog. If anyone reads this please let me know by either a post or clicking on the I Follow this blog. If I don't get any comments I will quit wasting my time!

-Sorry this seemed a little grumpy I must have been honery. Thanks for the comments I will keep it going I was just curious if it is getting read!

Meet Fluffy

In case some of you did not know we got rid of Sparkle (Oh yeaahh!!!). Ashlee said that she would get rid of her if she could get a new dog, and since we knew that any dog is better than Sparkle we agreed with her and found a new home for sparkle. We then went to the humane society and found her a new dog who she named Fluffy. That name in and of itself is funny because she is not fluffy at all she is mixed with a wire haired terrier so she is actually quite straggly. She is 4 years old, potty trained and quite well behaved. Ashlee loves her to death and that is what is important to me. She is so funny looking that she is actually cute. I hope that she will make Ash happy and she seems to fit in allot better than Sparkle!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scrapbooking anyone?

This past weekend we sold some stuff at the scrapbook expo. I have never experienced such a crazy and strange event in my life. There were all types of crazy and sane women there trying to get a good deal on scrapbook supplies. I have never seen such madness for rub ons and paper! Some of these women are down right nuts! When the sales were announced the madness ensued! It was a ton of work and Beck, Mike and Steph worked their guts out and I must say thanks because I am beat after the 2 days I put in, and I am sure they are worse off than I. Hopefully it was all worth it and we will be tired from carrying all that extra cash around!

Is it Spring yet?

I don't know about anyone else but I am ready for spring! I can't stand the teasing of 70 degrees one day and snow the next! If it snows once more I might flip out. Here's to a long and warm summer!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poor Harley

In case some of you do not know we found out that Harley had a cancerous bump on his back. We had it removed last Saturday and hopefully they got it all. We will know more this Saturday.He has a good cut on his back. It is about 3 inches long and he was sore for a day or so. We hope all goes well for him and they got it all so he will be around for many more years to come.

He is supposed to wear this dumb collar to keep him from biting at them but he won't wear it. That's ok though cause he hasn't bothered them, so I put it to use to keep myself from biting.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tagged by Tara

My 8 Favorite TV Shows
1-The Office
3-ESPN College game day (football)
4-Any football game
5-Rob and Big
7-The Dog Whisperer
8-King of Queens

8 things I did Yesterday
1- Went to church
2-Fed Harley and Buckley
3- Watched Nascar
4- Ate dinner at the Andersons
5- Held Logan
6-Watched the Jazz
7-Taught the lesson at church
8- Got I love you dad notes from all the kids!

8 things I look forward to
1- Seeing my family
2- going on vacations
3-going golfing
4-Football season
5- Summer
6-Going out with Beck
8-being thin again

8 Favorite Restaurants
1- Chick-fil-A (duh)
2-Red Lobster
3-Cafe Rio
4- Tepinaki
6- Texas Roadhouse
7- Francesco's pizza
8-Rodizio Grill

8 things on my wish list
1- Better season tickets to BYU
3- Beck to see Oprah
5-loose 60 lbs
6-See U2 and Guns and Roses in concert this summer
7-a better golf game
8-a Happy and Healthy family!!

8 people I tag
I really don't think 8 people read this so if you want to you are tagged!