Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Daddy Daughter Dance!

Nothing like a high school musical daddy daughter dance for a saturday night on the town! Last Saturday we went to the high school for a dance with Rilee and Ashlee. Before the dance we went to Ruby Tuesday for some dinner and then off to the dance. We went with Scott Sanders and his two daughters and it was alot of fun! All the cute little girls dancing to their favorite high school musical songs. Its pretty sad when your 9 year old says she is embarassed by you but what are dads for right? I had a ball and hope that Rilee will still be seen in public with me after the dance!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Disneyland and Orlando

Well it has been a busy few weeks at our house. We have been to Disneyland and Orlando the past couple of weeks on vacation and buisness. We first went to Disney with the Andersons for 5 days. We had beautiful weather and fun for all. The girls had a ball and I think we had more fun watching them than anything else. We Came to realize that Ashlee is quite the adreneline junky, riding any and all big thrill rides available. Rilee would also ride with some sisterly peer pressure. It made me realize how old they are getting with their lack of interest in the kiddie rides! How blessed we are to have them healthy and beautiful and part of our lives.

We had all of the Andersons at one time or another and enjoyed building fun memories withthem at Disneyland. It is always a Crazy and intersting time with them.

We spent our time between the parks with the majority at Disneyland. The favorite rides were Pirates, Space Mountain, the Matterhorn, California screamin and Soarin' .

Rilee and Ashlee posing at California Adventures!

We Just got back from Orlando today for our anual Chick-fil-a seminar. We were busy with a lot of meetings but still had time for some fun. We went to Universal studios, Blue man Group and Seaworld. Becky won her Symbol of Success and got the title to her Mustang and also won to other Top of the Chain awards!! I am so proud of her and her ability o run such a successful buisness!! I am so lucky to have her in my life!!!! She also won a cruise to Alaska in June and I am verry excited about that!!