Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cassie's Google Game

I will also attempt the Google game the rules again are pictures from a google search no words to describe what it is. Here goes nothing:

Favorite color:
favorite animal:
Bad habit:
Favorite food:
Favorite place to live:
Biggest fear:
Favorite Author:
Favorite Treat:
Favorite Place:
Favorite Hobbies:


Monday, June 23, 2008

Long time no blog

Well I haven't written on the blog lately so here is a brief summary of the pickle family goings on. We had a busy couple of weeks. We have had a wedding in our yard so we have been doing allot of yard work and the yard is looking good now. We had a fun fathers day. We got to visit both families and Becky gave a great talk in Sacrament meeting on fathers. ( I want to know who is staying at our house while I am at work and being the great father of my kids tat she described in her talk!) I am blessed to have many great examples of fathers in my life with Grandpa's, fathers, father in law, brothers and many uncles and friends to teach me by word and example and I thank all the fathers in my life for their sacrifice and work for their families. We have also started some painting and moving rooms in the house so I guess I will be busy fr a while. We have Court this week for Isaiah and his mother is supposed to sign away her rights so I will keep you posted on that. The kids are off track for the summer and already bored so if anyone has any cheap fun ideas to keep them entertained I am all ears! I guess that is about all for now but I will do better and put up some pics soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rilee's Award Ceremony

Today was Rilee's award ceremony at schoool. She got two awards one was the Golden Hawk award. This is for soing 16 extra asssignments above what she was required. It is a big deal at her school and she worked really hard to earn it. She also got a award for her Iowa test. She was in the top 10% in the country in 5 categories and in the top 1% in 3 of those five! She is a verry smart girl and enjoys being challenged. We are so proud of her and her desire to learn more each day.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pop Quiz

Just a quick pop quiz for you...

Which would you think is more expensive...

A Geo or a Ferrari..

This humble abode or this ginormous mansion...

This lovely little dog or this larger, smarter, better looking, house broken, friendly and obedient dog... you might think the answers are easy and I will agree that the first two questions are easy but don't be misled by the third. While the little dog is smaller, dumber and untrained, she is the more expensive of the two. Well when you factor into account three trips to the vet in less than a month, two of which were emergency room visits. I think you will begin to see the dollar signs going into her favor. When you are that small I guess you can't eat anything but dog food or you get deathly ill and can't stop vomiting. My lesson for the day Bigger is better in dog world!!!