Saturday, December 5, 2009

BYU-Utah Game

This Past weekend was the annual Rivalry game at Lavell Edwards stadium. What a great game it was!! It was a overtime win for the Cougars and a great game. It was Rilee's first BYU-Utah game and she was excited all week long! We had to pick her up from the Culleys where she had a fun sleepover the night before. It was funny to see the Culley kids all dresses up in their Utah gear (except Grace of course cause she is TRUE BLUE!!) and Rilee and Grace were sitting there in Cougar Blue!! We went to the stadium and Rilee was counting BYU and Utah flags all the way there and keeping a tally. (BYU won that too!!) At the game she was bugged by the Utah fan behind us and kept asking me to tell her to be quiet. She was really enjoying the atmosphere of the rivalry. After the overtime win she looked up at me and said "Dad lets rush down onto the field!" Even though we have upper bowl seats we made our way to the field and over the fence we went. She was jumping up and down and smiling from ear to ear. Then she got to touch Manase Tonga and a few other players and watched Max Hall get carried off the field. She still smiles about the experience when we talk about it today. Thanks Rilee for being my little BYU buddy and going to the games with me. I love You.


Cassie said...

Sounds like a perfect daddy-daughter date. Love our little Ri! Can't say that I was too happy with the outcome of the game. But, I can't say I watched it either. So- as long as you are happy... I am happy. :)

Randa Pickle said...

So glad that you got to go. It was a really exciting game to watch. The fans were awesome as they stormed the field. Glad that you didn't get hurt leaping over the railings.
Rilee does love BYU. Grandpa Barber would be proud.
Love ya,


Rilee Pickle said...

was i really smiling that big!? :] love you to!