Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

I have been thinking about Grandpa Barber Lately and since today is Memorial day I can't think of a better time to post about him. He was My Grandpa I say that because that's how he made you feel, like you were that important to him that you were his only grandchild. I can't think of any significant event in my childhood where he and Grandma weren't there! He was a man of few words, unless he had a captive audience. But when he did talk his words were always wise and full of Lessons of love and of the Savior. I have never met a man so dedicated to the Gospel than he and He spent much of his life in church service. If there was a man who is more of a perfect example of how to follow Christ I haven't met him yet! He always respected women and that is something I learned from him. You did not talk back to a woman in his presence or he would correct that. I also have never heard anyone say a bad thing about him! He was a giant among men and I miss him alot!
I think I miss his smile, his red Christmas vest, his trains, talking about BYU with him, watching games with him, listening to the story of him watching the cougars at Air Force and Steve Young picking them apart, his love for dogs( he would always pet Katie when he came to Mom and Dads), his handshakes, his love for his wife and family, his many ball caps and hats (never worn inside of course), his love for the savior and the church, his patriotism, his love of planes, and most of all just seeing him.
On this memorial day I will remember my Grandpa Barber. I miss you Grandpa and am glad that I will see you again someday! I love you Grandpa!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Playland Ribbon Cuting

Today was the ribbon cutting for the play land at Beck's new store the kids were the ones cutting and had alot of fun. There were hats,balloons and mini moo's for all who came and of course some good food and fun on the play land.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thoughts by Isaiah...

Kids have quite the thought process... Me and Isaiah are driving home from school. The conversation goes like this...
Isaiah- Dad how did Heavenly Father make the city?

Me- He can make things happen that we don't know how to. He kind of has powers that we don't.

a small pause then..

Isaiah- Heavenly Father is like a Power Ranger dad? He has cool powers like them and can kick and punch really fast?

So watch out and follow the commandments or you'll get beat down like a Power Ranger to a bad guy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Premier Night

Last night was the premier night at Chick-fil-A. This consisted of a invitation event to try out the food and check out the restaurant for the first time. Once again we had a huge turnout and were thankful for all the support. We had a few remarks then a dinner followed with some deserts and some prizes for all! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I even had a kid who I didn't recognize come up to me and say "tell Becky she knows how to throw a party!" I thought that was pretty cool and summed up the night for me! Today she has a Ribbon cutting ceremony and many media events. She will be on Good Things Utah at 10:00 this morning if anyone wants to tune in.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let the Feastivities Begin!!

Last night was the first party to set off the week of parties for Beck's new store! We had the dedication dinner last night at the Gathering Place in Gardener Village. It was a nice dinner with many in attendance. It is a Chick-fil-a tradition to dedicate the restaurant to the lord and so that's what we gathered for. It was great to see so many people there to support Becky in this new adventure. We had good food and some good talks. There will be many more festivities this week so I will be posting some more soon. Thanks to everyone for coming and showing support again.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Anal

What is it about a fresh cut lawn? Man I just love it when it is a beautiful day and the lawn is freshly cut! I know this is weird to some people (one in particular in my neighborhood!!) but it just makes me happy to see the lawn freshly cut!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Well I know that today is the day after mothers day but I couldn't get to the blog yesterday so here it goes. I just wanted to wish Becky a Happy Mothers day. She is a great mother and I don't tell her enough thanks for all that she does! I love her and her caring attitude and unconditional love of everyone. She teaches me new things everyday and help me be a better person. I love you.

I also have to say happy mothers day to my mom an tell her that I appreciate her and am thankful for her putting up with me when I was a kid (and probably more now). She is a awesome grandma and loves all the kids. She is always wanting to have a program or keep active and she does pretty good for her age! - Ha ha. I am also thankful for her teaching me all that she has. She is a amazing woman and I am lucky to call her Mom! I love you Mom.

And last but not least is my mother-in-law. I have a hard time calling her that because she has always treated me like a son and not a son-in-law. I always hear of people complaining about their mother in laws and I have got to say that I couldn't come up with a complaint! She is a fantastic mother and a great grandmother to my kids. I think she is great and I am lucky to have her as a mom too.