Friday, March 28, 2008

I've been tagged!

I will accept Cassie's tag with one condition and that is that I will not tag six others because she took all the people that I know who blog. So here goes 6 things about me...

1- I love my job! I think that is a rarity but I am often amazed that they actually pay me to be there! It is like being part of a frat but you get paid. Where else can you throw snowballs at the cops and they just laugh at you and not arrest you!

2- I am a Rob and Big fan! I think this is the stupidest show on TV yet i have to watch it when it is on. Do Work Son!!

3- I Love all things football! Seriously I could (and do at work) watch it all day! It doesn't matter If it is college, pro, high school, little league or just a pregame show I will watch it all.

4- I am anal about my lawn! I sometimes cut it twice a week just because I don't like it to get to long. I have even been known to cut it in the rain.

5- I have recently found out that I like to wear slippers. I have some that I just got at work and I have to get out of my boots as soon as I get in the station. they are just so comfy.

6- I left this one for last but not because it is in this order but because it is the best. I love my family and the fact that I get to be home with them more than most dads is awesome. I am truly blessed and I also love my wife and Cherish the relationship that we have and the fact that she puts up with me and my grumpiness on a daily basis!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

We had a Awesome Easter weekend! It started with my truck catching on fire (no damage and still unknown where or why!). Then I got into a wreck in the aforementioned truck ( I won). Rilee had tonsilitus and had to go to insta-care. But then the fun began. We had 2 easter parties one on Saturday night at the Pickles. We were treated to a fine dinner and a great Easter egg hunt. As you can see by the picture there was plenty of eggs to be found. All the kids got their fill and i'm sure a cavity or two will result from the spoils! Rilee had to stay home so Cassie hunted for her. They look so alike in a few years who would know the difference right? Ashlee and Isaiah had fun with the cousins finding eggs and prizes on the lawn.
On Sunday we had a nice morning with a visit from the Bunny bringing goodies and clothes for the kids. They each got a Kite and a Kickboard for swimming lessons and boating and plenty more candy. Then off to church and then to the Andersons for dinner. We had a great dinner and another egg hunt with yet more candy to be found. Can anyone say hyper kids? Overall the weekend was awesome and we are truely blessed to have such wonderful family to share our lives with.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gone to the Dogs!

I have failed to put up any pictures of my two pains-err I mean pets.
We have our Lab Harley he is about 5 years old and a pretty good dog as far as dogs go. and then our latest addition is Sparkle the chihuaha. She was Ashlee's present for Christmas. She is only about 3 pounds and that is a huge contrast from Harley who is about 100 pounds!

They are quite the pair as you can see and Harley has done pretty good with her unless she gets on him when he is laying down then he has been known to growl at her. But Ashlee loves her and that smile on her face Christmas morning made it all worth it to me.