Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bronco Show

Yesterday me and Rilee went down to Ken Garff of Orem to watch the Bronco Mendenhall Radio Show. It was at our friend Brian's car dealership so we thought it would be fun to go see it and maybe get a autograph or two. Rilee and I entered some drawings and filled out a Ask the Coach question form. As the show started we listened in and on the first commercial break Rilee went up to Coach Mendenhall and got him to sign her jersey and my football!! She was way nervous at first but Bronco was very nice to her and she was beaming from ear to ear when she came back and sat down. That was worth the drive right there but then it got even better!! About half way through the show the producer came over and asked Rilee if she would come up and ask Bronco her question live on the radio! She was happy to do it and was once again grinning from ear to ear! What else can I say but...

-Finding a babysitter for the other kids...difficult

-Driving to Provo in rush hour traffic...Painful

-Listening to kids fight the whole way...terrible

-Seeing your little girl that happy...PRICELESS!!!

What a great night that we will both remember for a long time! GO COUGARS!!!!


Chelsea said...

Wow! What a fun day!

Cassie said...

I wish it was somehow recorded so I could hear her on the radio! Go Ri!

Rilee Pickle said...

dad can you ask people on your blog to come to mine noone has been to mine in a while!!and was i really grinning from ear to ear?! wow i really was more exited than i thought!!plus you should check out my blog to it has some new things added to it!!!!

love you,

Randa Pickle said...

Way to go Rilee - I think you are an awesome Cougar Fan. So true to your team. You sounded great on the radio, glad I got to hear you.

Love ya,

Grandma P